Managed IT Services

Build your perfect fit with our Managed IT Services packages.

Tired of generic IT solutions that leave you exposed and inefficient? Take control with our modular, customizable packages designed to empower your business.

Choose from essential services such as:

    • Remote and On-site Support
    • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
    • Patch (Update) Management
    • Cyber Security
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery

At Technology Partners, we understand that every business operates with unique requirements and objectives. That’s why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of managed service packages, meticulously designed to deliver the correct approach to managing your IT.

BASICS 24/7 Remote Monitoring Optional
Update and Patch Management Optional
IT Asset Register Optional
Vendor Management (e.g. your ISP) Optional
Procurement Assistance (e.g. new laptops) Optional
Microsoft Licensing Optional Optional Optional Optional
Uniform Email Signatures Optional Optional Optional Optional
CYBER SECURITY Anti-Virus Optional
Anti-Ransomware Optional
Cloud Backups Optional
Email and Phishing Protection Optional
Security Awareness Training Optional
Active Threat Hunting Optional
Disaster Endpoint Isolation Optional
Disaster Roll-back Optional
DNS Filtering Optional
Hardware Firewall Optional Optional Optional Optional
Multi-factor Authentication Optional Optional Optional Optional
Password Manager Optional Optional Optional Optional
Remote IT Support Billed per hour ✔ Hours included ✔ Included Optional
On-site IT Support (Call-out levies apply) Billed per hour ✔ Hours included ✔ Included Optional
R495.00 per user per month
Support billed at hourly rates
R495.00 per user per month
Plus 50% discount on bundled hours
Commit to a monthly bundle of support hours for your business, and enjoy a 50% discount off our standard hourly rates
R990.00 per user per month
Unlimited support
All pricing displayed excludes VAT at 15%


Embrace a Strategic Partnership.

By partnering with Technology Partners, you gain more than just IT support. You gain a trusted advisor who understands your business goals and works alongside you to leverage technology as a strategic asset. Explore our diverse range of managed service packages above and discover the perfect fit for your success.

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